The resource is a very valuable to an ed…

The resource is a very valuable to an educator and training working within a military construct. Wearable technology can have a positive impact on military members by providing real time feedback and enhanced learning opportunities. A currently project that is being developed within the Army is to provide all members with a wearable device in order to increase physical fitness activity. Also, within the outline for the project, tracking of sleep is considered to be of value. Studies have suggested that lack of sleep takes away from the ability to conduct missions safely and effectively. This is just the surface of wearable technology, additional technologies will constantly need to be considered and evaluated. A resource of this nature, including is forecasting of the wearable technologies is something to keep in great consideration. Not all wearable technologies might be a perfect fit for the military but concepts and ideas might lead to the development of devices that suit the needs better.

As technology continues to be added into and outside of the curriculum, educators as a whole should be keeping a keen eye on a resource such as this. Educational technology is very much at the forefront and should be always considered when looking at how to improve teaching and learning. All educators should have some level of familiarity with the advancements in edTech.

Personally, I would expect myself to seek out future versions on this. I am a part of a world that is always advancing in technology as a fast rate, and to be kept up-to-date with educational technology is very important. As an educational advisor to the leadership of the forces, I need to be updated so I can provide accurate recommendations to command about such topics. I would recommend a resource like this to my peers in both a military and non-military work environment. I think it is important to keep tabs on edTech and the use of it to increase teaching and learning.