The three standards I believe to be most…

The three standards I believe to be most Valuable are as follows.

Empowered learner:

At the elementary level it is important to build a set of basic skills that will benefit the learner as they progress through their time in education. To use an LMS to empower learners to become owners of their learning is invaluable going forward. Having a student gain the ability to gauge personally ability and interests while also learning how to solve their own learning struggles, cannot be ignored.

Digital Citizen

It is not an overstatement to say that the students of today are growing up in a world that is very different from those one generation before them. When I was in school I did not have any digital community in which to participate. Current students are not only having to learn the roles and responsibilities present in the physical realm but the different rules present in the digital realm. To start this learning process at an early age is important and should not be ignored.

Knowledge constructor

Similar to the empowered learner the ability to in a early learner to create knowledge for themselves and others is important. Additionally providing students the technical skill sets needed to produce artifacts of their learning cannot be overlooked. An LMS that will allow students to be come creators of their own understanding would be one I would be interested in using if i were a elementary teacher.

Preferred LMS

If I were to select on of the three LMS’s that best encourages the development of the three standards I have selected it would be Canvas. Canvas allows for the teacher to foster individual learning for their students through easy to use feedback systems. Additionally the students are able to move at their own path as needed. I was also intrigued by Aglix Buzz however Canvas’ ability to use multiple digital media inputs and outputs gave it the advantage.

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