There is a lot of information and you ha…

There is a lot of information and you have done a lot of work researching this initative and you have a good background to assist you in the development and application of this venture. I agree with Noan that the art of creating this app will be in the design to ensure it augments learning and is not a gimmick or limit to the imagination and creativity of students. I can see how this would work brilliantly to illustrate anatomy of an animal or person (like location of organs in the body – imagine pointing a tablet at a person an seeing illustrations of heart, lungs, brain and nervous system and how they function), what happens when things cook ( molecular structure of a cake changing as it cooks from a liquid to solid form) or how the pieces of a pattern will be put together to make a coat or adjusted to create a new design). I particularly like your idea of students creating questions for other students and creating a new trail or path for learning. It would allow for an entire network of learning and questions that capture the ideas and imagination of the learners themselves. I do have some questions about the projections and request for investment. Given the amount you have raised (100,000) and the amount you need (1.2 million) as well as the scale of your operation with 50 employees, I think your timelines are unrealistic. Given the sale of only 1000 apps to 10 school districts, the estimate of $100 million by 2018 also seems very high. Given the list of competitors, many for free at entry level and others for a lower cost than your app cost, I think you may have some difficulty marketing this application. Also, I am a bit confused by the pricing and need for additional funding. It sounds like you already have the app built and so the need for the large IT team is not clear. If you currently have 10 school districts, what were their costs for purchase -did you sell to each school district or to individual teachers and students. What is the feedback from these users and are they interested in expanding or recommending the use of the app?

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