There is potential in this app but I’m…

There is potential in this app but I’m not convinced yet. So I would not invest in Waygo. As an EVA , I’m not sure how I could make the connections to support this in the travel industry. The way it is pitched really doesn’t connect with the group of investors I might have because this isn’t really about education and more about translation. So it would be much better pitched to venture analysts in the travel industry. Applying it to the education world might be possible. In the ESL world, the philosophy of education is moving away from translation to whole language models which discourage translation. However, this could be useful for non-language focused elearning courses to expand their worldwide appeal. However, more testing would have to be done to see how well it actually translates complex academic texts. There are also other online translation programs like Google translate that can be plugged into a website. Another option could be textual translation for higher education, especially with older, non-digitized texts. There are possible applications, but the technology would have to demonstrate not just translation but high quality translation at a cheaper price. Overall, I would not invest yet but I would inquire about the translation quality and direction this could be taken if it proved of high quality.

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