This a great and innovative idea. From a…

This a great and innovative idea. From a business perspective, the concept is well though of by expanding Makerspace and combining its delivery with features of airbnb. I appreciate that your considered the insurance and safety component of such a risk for a potential host. This inventory of space seems to be limitless. How would you manage the wide range of ‘makerspace’ options. What is considered suitable and what is not? As the target audience is K-12 students, will the host be required to complete criminal record checks? or other background checks before delivering/renting out the space to the group. Who will be accountable for the children. I agree with Albert that the 10% commission seems a tad high. His suggestion of buying shares may be something to consider and keep us EVA accountable and collaborative with the SOMA concept. I would be more comfortable if this venture was more narrowed to begin with, in order to ensure the safety and security of our K-12 students in the initial stage of implementation.

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