This is a good idea and I have used some…

This is a good idea and I have used something similar from Womens enterprise group located here in Vancouver. They also walk you through the process based on your needs and put you in touch with your mentor and resources related to your business. My concern with your application is the scalability and the resources you will use to support your customers. Who will the experts be who coach the subscribers, what are their qualifications and will they be able to adapt their knowledge for different markets, industries and regions? One think I understand from my own ventures is that the three things that matter most in business – location, location, location (and I think this still applies in the digital realm as it matters where and how your products are accessed) are not universally true and it is important to understand your market in order to suceed. While the layout and format of your app is very good and I think it would be very attractive to the generation that is using their phone as their primary resource and form of interaction, I would need to know more about how you going to support your users and the expertise that would be available and the target market before investing.

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