This is a good start. You’ve identified…

This is a good start. You’ve identified the need. I would have liked to see you and your qualifications represented in the elevator pitch so that it could lend credibility to your idea. I am not sure that PowToon was the right tool here. I think you yourself have identified my two biggest concerns. I don’t see the differentiation here. We have companies that do exactly this here in Nova Scotia and for free. There are also many paid options out there. With a highly specialized workforce like ours, we also don’t often value these sorts of training opportunities for our senior employees because, as you state, it is more important to have experts working with other experts rather than taking courses online that our experts could teach. Networking is also an important side benefit of much of the more advanced PD we engage in that would be lost through online learning. Online learning has been used primarily by those upgrading qualifications (in which case it must be offered by the certifying body such as a university or professional association) or for junior staff requiring basic, specific information. In the latter case, we design our own online courses for this purpose already. I don’t see a product here that is different enough from what’s already available for free and as an investor I’m not sure what you are asking of me or offering me for my investment.

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