This is a great pitch, and I would defin…

This is a great pitch, and I would definitely invest in this. From a parent’s perspective, this device fits a wonderful niche of combining exercise with exploring technology, and I can see how this would have a definite appeal and demand in their target market.
Pain Point: a wearable device that encourages activity and creativity in children
Solution: a customizable, programmable, wearable maker-kit for kids!
Differentiation: wearable tech is out there, but often expensive and not geared to children. The customization, and ‘maker ethos’ of this product encourages creativity and learning while also getting children to be active.
Marketing: A very successful Kickstarter campaign.
Championship: the company has released several updates of software addressing bugs, and seems committed to updating and improving their product after their Kickstarter campaign’s conclusion, indicating viability in future products from this company. Their support team seems active at addressing supply issues, as well as hardware and software issues, indicating a good level of customer interaction and satisfaction. Their website has an active community sharing different customizations, encouraging experimentation as well as repeat purchases.
Competition: there are no other similar customizable wearable tech products for children, however there are activity trackers for children (and adults) available at similar price points.
The Ask: the current retail price is 59.99 GBP ($105 CAD) for a single kit, or 99.99 GBP ($179 CAD) for the sports lover kit with 2 devices. There is a hint of a future project from this company on their kickstarter page, but no details on the ‘ask’.
The Return: See above price points.

Overall, this is a great venture and worthy of the attention of an EVA looking to invest in the wearable-tech and maker market.

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