This is a really interesting idea. I am…

This is a really interesting idea. I am always interested in educational projects because it is such a good way bring people out of poverty, and it defiantly would help with the reconstruction costs, and help to repair the country beyond what can be tallied up monetarily. The team seems to be quite strong, there is a good amount of diversity and a lot of experience in educational technology. Plus I like how the content will be kept simple and straightforward so that it will be achievable and will also provide good basic foundations to education. It is defiantly a compelling program and I really like how it is going to make use of some of the major trends in education (like game based learning) to make it engaging and fun. My question as an investor would be the more tangible concerns. How many tablets? How will they be handed out? Who keeps them? And so on. Additionally, would the educational content be already loaded onto the tablets or will students need to access the internet? I’m not informed about the refugee camps beyond the basics, but I would imagine that reliable internet and probably electricity could be difficult to come by.
Obviously, getting an aid organization onboard is the best plan, both in terms of funding and operations, but have you thought about a Kickstarter campaign? There are a lot of people that would be willing to donate $2 or $50 to this type of endeavour and it could help to provide the capital needed to get started. Good Luck!!

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