This is a very interesting technology an…

This is a very interesting technology and we have played with ideas for how to use augmented reality in the past. There is an option to use XY coordinates to generate information and content and so you could program an app to relay information along a path to give directions, provide historical, geological or natural history for any location or feature. It could also be used to give students an idea of the geological/soil structure of their location, the ecosystem they are in and the species, both flora and fauna, that exist at any given place. I think it could be used to teach Earth Science and actually show students the process involved in the creation of geological features like kame terraces, river deltas, glacial moraines and so on. The challenge is setting up the app and location precision and accuracy. Now with wifi augmented locations and improvements in GPS technology, the XY location app may be easier to use. Perhaps students could also have a tag like the one on the element app and show the phone the symbol and then turn on the augmented reality for a given site. That way there would be a way to access the information even if location was not available for a given site.

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