This is a very pertinent idea for all of…

This is a very pertinent idea for all of us MET students… prior to learning the ropes on using Word for references and then Citethisforme I would get nailed on the minutiae of this regularly. On a personal level, the citation conventions are a bunch of hogswallop, and denote an era before hyperlinking existed (I had a great conversation about this in Text Technologies, so you threw a rock at the wrong hornet’s nest). However, my bat senses tell me that it will not be changing anytime soon, and your solution is both fun and very insightful. The CYOA stories are a great platform for this, and provides good incentive to the text lovers. The ask is reasonable… it is surprising how lean you can be when you want to! As a venture I stand behind this, but don’t know if engaging in this is forward thinking. The learning behind citation style is not necessarily deep learning, but does apply forms of logic and following instructions. I am just wondering whether it is worth learning if the process can be automated?

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