This is an interesting proposal but I wo…

This is an interesting proposal but I would not invest. One major issue is that educational games do not sell. There have been very few educational games that have made profit and those that do are usually very low budget. None have been RPGs. The problem with this is that RPG gaming is cumulative. If I’m playing a game, I get an object to generally help me (in terms of stats) do better in the game. But with educational question based games, you really can’t do that. So getting kids engaged will be very tough.

The competition is also quite tricky. There’s lots of LMS companies trying their hand at it. D2L / Brightspace in particular has something that they are working with (

In terms of the development, finances and marketing with the staff projections, it seems problematic. Development of games is a lot more expensive and you’ll need a much bigger development staff. I’m also unsure about the timeline to get to market as a result.

That all said, I like how you laid out the magazine. It looks great and is quite interesting. It definitely gets my attention and hooks me in as a reader. You’re also quite detailed in your explanation and have a very clearly laid out plan. You’ve done your homework. That I really respect but it just doesn’t connect for me.

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