This is definitely a big problem in onli…

This is definitely a big problem in online education. My company has used adobe connect and range of services and open-source products and none can really do this. I like the visual elements in the pitch but I’m still a little confused about it. There’s also a few challenges I could foresee. (Unless I misunderstood.)
1. Bandwidth – We generally see bandwidth issues as a problem especially if you’re working with foreign markets. (Most Ontario online schools are going after India and China.) So how would this work given the quality of the picture the teacher would need to see to make an assessment and the number of students in a class.
2. Privacy – With a service like this it might cause privacy issues for people involved. How much access would the teacher have?
3. Alternative options – Google Docs + Web conferencing services (This is what I do with Canadian students to promote collaboration, monitor work and provide personal comments.)
4. Competitors and Change- What does the market look like for web conferencing solutions? Many of them like Adobe, Blackboard, D2L and even Microsoft offer bundles of tools that integrate with each other. If a board picks up one of these systems, it’s hard to get them to change over. (At our company I’m struggling to switch people between tools right now.)

I think you have the right problem but maybe not the right solution given the current challenges. (Just a thought: Google doesn’t work in China… google docs doesn’t and the collaborative real-time tools are limited in the Chinese Market. So there might be something there that’s similar.)

So I’m not sure I can invest at this point.

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