This is really interesting Ali. I hadn’t…

This is really interesting Ali. I hadn’t heard of Babbel before so did a bit of research on it before I looked at your venture. My question – if Babbel is doing so well, why does it need an investor’s money? Surely it’s already making enough money to put back into the company to develop this 2.0 version? If it was an initial start-up, I could understand the need, but this is an established company, and one that’s doing quite well if there are over 1 million paying customers. As a customer, I’m all in…I can really see how this would be beneficial in schools especially for personalized learning programs. My concerns just come down to the financing and return on investment. As I say, I like the looks of the platform and think it would tie in well with a school based language program! Good work and good luck on this very interesting venture!

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