This looks like a great web-based platfo…

This looks like a great web-based platform for science teachers and students. The pinch point is clear and you appear to have done your homework on the competitors. For a fictitious product it sounds like one that genuinely needs to be developed. You might want to actually consult with a web designer or app creator to launch this product. From and EVA’s perspective, I regret to say that the presentation should have been screencast or you might have used a tripod to steady the image. I haven’t figured out how to screencast from the iPad, but an alternative is to use iMovie. Another alternative is to use a product called “Reflector 2” which will duplicate your iPad screen onto a PC. It has a record function that’s excellent and the product only costs about $20. Again, from an EVA’s perspective, this looks like a product that wouldn’t require a great deal of upfront capital. You might, if you’re interesting in starting your own business, be able to launch it on a small scale and work your way up. There are lots of freelance web designers and app creators.

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