This was a great OER with a lot of great…

This was a great OER with a lot of great content, I really appreciated the many dimensions and perspectives that were provided through the OER. The inclusion of the personas and the four countries that were highlighted time and time again helped contextualize your content!

I think one very small improvement would be to have links out to the company webpages so that we can learn more about each of them. I totally understand I can Google them on my own, but a direct link just increases the accessibility. There were times when I wanted to know more than the summary that was provided through the OER. Also I am curious if there are adaptive learning resources that would be more accessible to high school or adult learners? Perhaps this could be added as “extra” content to the OER.

Thanks again for putting together a really informative OER, I definitely came away feeling like I really knew what this technology looked like. The key companies we were explored throughout the OER were well chosen!