This was exceptionally well done. I thin…

This was exceptionally well done. I think your site walks us all through a professional and well laid out proposal for a venture and ask for financial investment. I really liked the way your site broke down the steps, identified the problem/need in the market, provided your solution and then gave an overview of your product, options for the client and the rationale for the amount you are asking for from your investors. I disagree that the target market will not be able to support this….it is a huge market and there are many businesses who are looking at online training options for their staff and need advice and direction and then assistance in getting started. By providing this service you provide a basis from which you can grow and adapt as the market needs and you will be well placed given your connection to and reputation with the firms and businesses you have supported to both market and support existing clients and new clients with new technologies and options. This last point puts you in a very good position with the rapidly changing Edtech market. You would be invested in no one application or market but poised to promote, educate and embed them all on an as needed and as wanted basis. I have no negative comments and thank you for this presentation as I learned a great deal on how to present a polished and well laid out venture pitch.

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