This would be really helpful for a lot o…

This would be really helpful for a lot of students. I’m sure a lot of university and college students would also be able to the app. Things can get messy when you are using highlighters if you change your mind, but a digital sticky note would be easy to reorganize. I was very surprised at the statistic about the essay writing abilities of American high school students. That really set up the pitch in terms of really identifying a pain point and then presenting the app as a clear solution.
This would be an application that I would invest in because it would be a fairly small development team and there is a very wide market for it. I liked how the pitch went into detail about the revenue aspect of the application, especially the case for large volume orders because when you see the numbers it is quite convincing. It is a very reasonable price for a school to purchase but would still provide a lot of revenue for the investors. I also liked the clear comparison to the main competition and then an explanation of how StickyNotes is different from Evernote, it also gives some indication of the market that an app in this area would be able to claim. It really linked in nicely because the area where the two are different connects straight back to the pain point, so it is clear as an investor that there is a place for this product.

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