To remain relevant as a publisher, I wou…

To remain relevant as a publisher, I would look to the design elements of print to make sure that my paper product remained top of the line. Nowadays, with virtually everything available online, print is seen as a work of art. Magazines, journals and books that become popular are those that offer something that online text cannot. The artistic element and nostalgia of print is resurfacing among many communities. There is a certain pleasure that comes from working on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil. I would ensure that my print was full of engaging elements that could be added to by the viewer. I would make sure that beyond content, the fundamental focus of my publishing company was to create works that are aesthetically pleasing. My publishing company would aim for coffee table worthy magazines. While content is available online, an excellent design presence and well reputable print technique is something I would strive for to stay on trend.

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