To stay alive as a publisher in this mar…

To stay alive as a publisher in this market, I will need to consider interactivity and costs. The textbook needs to transform from a dust-collecting, static, consumable into an innovative digital product.

The main challenge I have to contend with is the dramatic shift in the supply chain. I need to advertise to create a demand for digital textbooks and prove myself better than the emerging new competitors (that may be those who are skipping the middle man!). The new digital textbooks need to have functions in searching and interactivity with multimedia for learning support. They need to have supported learning capability, reliable technical support, user-friendly interfaces, and teacher training aid. They should be colourful, incredibly engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly on all devices. Additionally, classrooms need infrastructure with electrical plugs for devices and enough devices for all students.

I am concerned that we will need to lower the prices of digital books because schools will need to pay rental fees each year and won’t be able to pay the full textbook price. The only way I see to do this is to lower the cost. The contributors need to be paid, but we can cut costs by incorporating age-appropriate advertising into our digital product.

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