To stay in business as a traditional pub…

To stay in business as a traditional publisher, there are three things that I would focus on: appropriate markets, customer niche, and simplicity of print. For appropriate markets, it would be crucial to focus on developing countries or regions that might not have access or the social acceptability of using digital content as textbooks. It would be hard pressed to try selling a digital text to people in a developing country. Customer niches are also important, because some people simply prefer black text on white pages. They prefer the feel, the smell, the texture of a book rather than touching a screen. Many used bookstores still continue to be a booming business in eastern Asia for these reasons. And finally, simple print can help cut costs and stay competitive. No need for colour or complicated images in the text itself. A math textbook can just have problems and formulas – nothing fancy. The simplicity will cut ridiculous printing costs.

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