Tyler has credentials as a student, educ…

Tyler has credentials as a student, educator and business person that would lead him to be a successful entrepreneur. He has a high level of applied education from Harvard and work experience from his digital marketing campaigns. Tyler, who started Clever, has been relatively successful in his creation early on. He has found a niche in the school system which requires supports and it currently seems like he is shining there. I believe what sets Tyler apart from other Educational entrepreneurs is that his focus is on something that many other companies are missing. His companies goal is in personalized education and resource material tailored to specific individuals. Most other companies have focused on larger pictures where they generalize education and place supports for average student learners while neglecting those who require additional support. I believe Tyler is successful in his venture, and his biggest limitation is the resource consumption required to run his company. He is limited to the United States at the moment and it doesn’t seem like his company will reach the International market any time soon. However, with time, Clever is a great resource for all educators out there.

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