Using Weebly quite a bit throughout this…

Using Weebly quite a bit throughout this program, I feel Mr. Rusenko has made webpage creation easier and better. I think back to when I began learning HTML and how difficult it was. I only wished that there could be an easier way in which I could create a site by simply dragging-and-dropping and quickly making edits. I didn’t need 100% customization, but something where if I could start with a template and work around with it, it could become mine.
As a role model of entrepreneurs, I feel is it a great example of someone who has an idea and makes it work. It certainly isn’t lost that Mr. Rusenko’s project is now used by 30 million people as most don’t want to take the time to learn coding or pay someone to build a website from scratch. Comparing Weebly to WordPress, based on simplicity and time, I’d take Weebly any day. The business model used is fantastic because when creating sites I enjoy the basic features but every now and then get hit with a “premium” message. If I wasn’t so cheap and needed a site for something more than just this program, I’d pay the extra costs.

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