Very interesting read on Luis von Ahn an…

Very interesting read on Luis von Ahn and Duolingo, Scott. He seems to come from humble roots and understand the value of education and hard work to the benefit of improving the language learning experience. The fact that Duolingo is actually free indicates that his venture is results-driven over profit-driven, as this could easily be at least a partially paid service. In further research I also uncovered that von Ahn turned down a personal job offer from Bill Gates to work at Microsoft because “I want to own what I do.” Pretty bold move from a young (at the time) entrepreneur, which shows the sense of ownership and impact that von Ahn wishes to have. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment that von Ahn and his team at Duolingo “genuinely care about generating social value,” and believe that von Ahn represents a strong role model for entrepreneurs.
Thanks for sharing Scott!