Wearable tech is an exciting landscape t…

Wearable tech is an exciting landscape that is broadening rapidly. I can personally attest to the difference that accurate real-time data can impact someone’s life.
China is currently getting some of their students to wear a headband that scans their brain activity. It has LED lights on the band that indicate concentration levels. Aside from the potential privacy concerns, I think there is some real potential here to help students. I don’t love the idea of policing kids’ attention, but using something like this to find out how to get students into the zone of proximal development would be groundbreaking. Using students neurological data could aid educators to plan learning activities that hit the sweet spot of moderate stress – not too easy and boring and not so difficult they give up.
There are many metrics that could be used to benefit teaching and learning: Eye tracking, neurological data, heart rate, skin temperature, respiration, etc. The big question is how it is used and what happens with the data.