Review: Well done! You covered all the b…

Review: Well done! You covered all the basis of your pitch clearly and succinctly. I did wonder how your new venture relates to your old. How does experience with children’s app inform what you are going to do now?
You venture site was cleanly design, easy to navigate and clearly outlined your intent. I was able to understand the problem and your solution but my question of how your previous successful venture impacts this. You might want to talk about the lessons you’ve learned from the previous work, or that you are going to use some of the technology you develop to build out courses or perhaps, some gamification that you created through your children’s apps that apply to the new venture. I’d be upfront about it. “You might be asking yourself, what do children’s apps have to do with employee training programs? More than you might think! Let me explain…”
Overall an excellent job. You were great on camera and believable! Nicely done.