What a great site – I really enjoyed it….

What a great site – I really enjoyed it. Having the different learning styles represented in your delivery was delightfully on the nose. And on a nit-picky level, I loved that the audio presentation was all the same voice (and not just the same voice, but the same effects and background noise really made a difference for me) – while still crediting the different contributors. And on the videos, I loved that everyone was in front of a solid background and wearing a graphic-tee. Little attentions to detail like that really add to the overall feeling one gets from a site. My feeling is always that if you put the much into the style, you must have really put something into the substantial stuff that actually matters.

I did find the textual presentation a little verbose, but then maybe that’s just because that’s not my learning style! So even that fits in well! If I HAD to make a criticism I’d say that the red text that you used for emphasis made me expect a clickable link, and then when it wasn’t I was surprised. But if that’s the level of criticism we’re getting into here you guys must’ve done super well. And you did!