With constantly evolving software develo…

With constantly evolving software development tools and knowledge it is difficult to keep abreast of all the developments in this arena by reading and completing formal coursework. Codeacademy offers a great resource for programmers who have a strong interest in developing their knowledge, but do not have the time for formal coursework. Codeacademy makes learning practical and fun. I believe that Ryan and Zach have a great formula for success. They have identified a market gap i.e. amateur or part-time programmers who want to develop their skills and a viable solution, i.e. offered them a rigorous, yet fun way to achieve results. Personally, I have used Codeacademy to build my programming knowledge and also encourage my son, daughter and others to gain greater knowledge in the software development area by using this tool. I would like to learn more about their structure, financial model and some of the rationale for the learning approach, but it seems the information is currently unavailable. But it does work and that shows that Ryan and Zach have identified the needs and solution effectively. I believe they demonstrate the single most important quality of strong entrepreneurs – identifying an opportunity and capitalizing on it in a timely fashion.

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