Wonderful idea and pitch Victoria! I com…

Wonderful idea and pitch Victoria! I commend you for the thorough explanation of the product, the competitors, the strengths and the potential challenges. I have a couple of questions around sales and revenue. I found this section particularly difficult to complete in my own project and am eager to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions. I am a little unclear when you say that the app will be free on iTunes with in-app purchases (up to 2 fingerprint logins). When you mention in-app purchases, are you referring to the subscription fees for additional accounts or are there other in-app purchasing option you are considering? Also, while I recognize that you are early in the planning stages, do you have any sale projections? You are expecting a return of investment within 3 years but I am curious to know how many units you will be able to sell within this time. Are there any recent statistics available on, for example, the number of schools who currently supply shared iPads to students? You mention that the iPad has a 90% share of the global ed tech market but how many accounts could this translate into? Overall, I’m very impressed with your product! Good luck!

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