Wow, David! This is a very well produced…

Wow, David! This is a very well produced video that you’ve created for your A1 assignment. I really enjoyed the feel of the music and voice reader narration that provided a futuristic feel. It really fit with the Oculus Rift technologies and the ways in which it may grow as it becomes further developed. I loved that you shifted from product features to several educational applications and case uses, especially the idea of students having access to immersive experiences. In the case of learning environments, this certainly looks promising. Imagine walking into a room full of kids with VR headsets on – that would be hilarious the first time one experienced that! I would have loved to hear your own voice as a part of the analysis of whether or not you’d recommend this venture to potential investors, as well as a reflection of your experiences as you were researching this product. Well done!

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