WOW — I’m reposting — it was midnight…

WOW — I’m reposting — it was midnight or later when I posted and I see lots of typos…. here’s my repost: Hi Brian, you should create a venture pitch on how to ‘bottle and sell’ your energy! I really enjoyed the elevator pitch and venture picture in terms of use of media and combining real time camera with narrated images. I think the format is very creative. The positives include your succinct assessment of how to evolve an existing market segment, by leveraging a massive and existing user base. You address the problem very clearly (education + games (but games that kids actually like)) and present a compelling statement of ‘what should be done’ to incentivize sharing. You also generate a new system of rewards — STEAM points for sharing. This is great. But, here’s the but …. I was excitedly anticipating an ask for investment $$ to spin off a joint venture or mega industry alliance, strategic partnership etc, and then… no ask for capital, but rather ask for sharing the story, which falls more into the camp of a marketing plan. I think if you rethought the ending, i.e. the ask, then you’d hit a home-run — raise capital to set up a J.V.. With thanks.

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