Yes, I will invest in this FOCI program….

Yes, I will invest in this FOCI program. The opening of the pitch, presented by its co-creator Mick Adams, catches people’s pain point right away–the problem about focusing. Intuitively, everyone knows that not being able to focus consistently on work is a serious problem in mobile Internet age. Shortly after he catches audiences’ attention, he pointed out their solution to the problem–working on “the most powerful part of our mind–subconsciousness.” And the information he conveyed in the sentence that “no body is thinking of using …” tells us that they wanted to be the first one in the market to work on exploiting “subconsciousness”. Moreover, what differentiates their product further from current competent products in the market is that they do not only want to track and remind people’s focusing status like competitors do, but also to teach people how to manage their subconsciousness to deep focus condition. The pain point may be caught by others, but they’ve gone a step-further on the way to solve it. This is very appealing.

Besides, I like the part that they showed people their product–what it looks and how it works, which feeds our imagination of the product. At the last part, another co-founder showed up and presented the technology and research base of their product. It is great that more than one creator presented, and obviously the two are responsible for different aspects, one for the idea presentation, and the other for the research and technology exhibit. Overall, this is a great elevator pitch for me based on my current vision.