Yes – I would give money to this organiz…

Yes – I would give money to this organization as a charitable venture.

I think you have an amazing story and vision, and it seems like an extremely viable project. From a philanthropic standpoint, it is a home run. From a business standpoint, it strikes me as something that could develop into a lifestyle business, but would have trouble scaling.

As an investor, my main question would be, “what is your unfair advantage”? As first to market in the UAE, you definitely have an leg up, but if the company is centred around training teachers to effectively use tools like iPads, it would be easy for another company to step into that space and compete without much trouble – and if they were not dedicated 30% of profits to charitable efforts, it could threaten I Am Learning Here.

I hope this is something that you continue to develop and that you continue to make positive change in the world!

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