Yes, I would invest in Study Soup, {or a…

Yes, I would invest in Study Soup, {or at least take the next step and request a Venture pitch}.

As an investor, Study Soup is on my radar. Not only does the CEO offer a compelling and authentic pain point with an accompanying solution, he is able to provide substantial marketing data to share his story – a story that clearly highlights the sales and projections of his venture.

Although this pitch is nearing two minutes, it is still fairly effective. To shorten its length to the idealistic “closer to a minute” span, both the real-life success story of “Melissa”, along with the forty second “recap” could be saved for the subsequent Venture pitch.

The CEO of Study Soup is the presenter, increasing credibility and exuding confidence, passion, and knowledge about the venture. While the rest of his “team” is not highlighted, the pronoun “we” is used within the speech to indicate a team effort, rather than an individualized undertaking.

A clear story is provided including the problem, the solution, and the marketing data. It is told solely through visual PowerPoint images and the speaker’s words, not cluttered by text within the presentation. Graphs that indicate an “at-a-glance story” of the venture’s success thus far, as well as its projected success, are easy to comprehend visually and are enhanced through the speaker’s content.

The CEO has a realistic view of what success looks like and what is needed to be done to achieve it. The present success, of doubling revenue and user base every single quarter since start-up, is a solid indication that this venture has significant growth potential.

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