Yes I would invest in this – despite the…

Yes I would invest in this – despite the pitch’s drawbacks outlined further below. It’s my belief that Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will buy anything with a Buccaneers logo on it. And those who identify with Nike will buy anything with a swoosh on it, and so on.
This here looks like a great product for brands to promote themselves and it will absolutely go a long way to create incredible brand loyalty. I also really like the idea of a 60 second pitch and almost literally being in an elevator.

It is disappointing that our culture in the west is so tied to brands and teams, but that’s a discussion for another course. Ultimately, anything that encourages reading and writing in youth is probably a net positive – and that’s what I”m guessing this product does.

And there’s the rub. As far as the actual pitch itself goes, I’m not sure what problem this product is seeking to address or how the product seeks to address it. But, brand loyalty and brand identification are powerful forces in our culture, and for that reason, it’s probably a winning formula.