YES, I would invest in this venture as C…

YES, I would invest in this venture as CO.LAB is promoting a mission that is long-lasting with far-reaching effects. Rather than a single product, the money invested will go towards maintaining a space that breaks down entry-barriers for marginalized groups. This pitch successfully taps into our empathy (“Making is the great equalizer because we are all intrinsically curious…but not everyone has access to this table”). By backing this project, investors are aligning themselves with these ideas. Examining the overall design of the video, it is very well done, from the narration, to the video clips of children and adults—“innovators of colour”—utilizing this space.

+ Pain Point: Due to systemic inequality, marginalized and underrepresented groups get limited opportunities to explore STEM topics and express their ideas, and as such, less opportunities to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

+ Solution: CO.LAB aims to break barriers with their makerspace where “women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and the economically disadvantaged” can have access to STEM equipment and materials for free.

+ Differentiation: What sets this kickstarter apart is that the focus is not on TOOLS for makerspaces, but rather on the SPACE itself. The space will remain free for its end-users.

+ The Ask: CO.LAB already has the building, the equipment, and the people to run the programs; CO.LAB is asking for $25,000 to help cover one year’s worth of rent.