Yes, I would invest in this venture. At…

Yes, I would invest in this venture. At least, I would invest the time for a venture pitch. Pain point and solution are established, though from the elevator pitch the solution seemed more theoretical than concrete. Screen shots or video capture of the actual website would have been effective. Past financial success and future goals are also clearly established, making it hard for an EVA to pass on learning more about a venture that offers double quarterly returns. While the CEO and his partner provide that presence needed for EVAs to help gauge the credibility of the venture’s leaders, there was little in the elevator pitch itself (other than past financial success) to convince me that the venturers have the ability see StudySoup through to its full potential. As well, there was no indication in the elevator pitch as to what type of competition exists in this market. That would be my primary question and concern in the venture pitch, as I seems StudySoup would quickly lose its innovative edge as more businesses try to take advantage of this market. As well, the ask and return would be forefront in my mind if I were to hear more about this venture.

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