Yes, I would invest in this venture. CEO…

Yes, I would invest in this venture. CEO Easton has combined the elevator and venture pitches into one all within 3 mins, give or take a few. Interestingly, with 30,000,000 people worldwide in need of prosthetic limbs, and many of these individuals could be children. Easton articulately conveys double-headed pain point — high cost and low functionality, and then convincingly reviews his garage-lab designed low cost, high functionality device, making it much more effective and accessible to the 30,000,000 people in need. Easton identifies the need to hire a high calibre team to accelerate growth (sales, marketing, product engineering, distribution, fabrication, etc..). He has established his market readiness and indirectly addressed his product differentiators that will support his customer product acceptance. While he does not address an exit strategy, this is not a deal breaker, because his motivation is convincingly altruistic. I would like to have a cup of coffee with him to dig more deeply into the technological challenges and plans to overcome these.

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