Yes, I would invest in this venture. I t…

Yes, I would invest in this venture. I think Waygo is well positioned to be acquired by a major competitor like Google, which has a long (18 years today!) history of acquiring both IP and human resources. The creators of Waygo have identified a significant pain point and, more importantly to me as an EVA, they have ALREADY built out a working solution. While my EVA colleagues and competitors point to the stiff competition Waygo faces in this tech space, I see a strong, credible business team with an existing product that appears to have elements that could be protected as intellectual property. Even if the programming was not protected, larger competitors might be interested in acquiring the existing software to save them the time and effort in building it out themselves. The real time, hovering text, combined with offline capability makes Waygo different from its competition and an investment I am serious about examining more closely.

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