Yes I would invest in this venture. The…

Yes I would invest in this venture. The market gap is clear: How do you teach programming without increasing screen time? The inventor, Paul Boswell, has come up with an original solution in “Turing Tumble” which mechanically illustrates the concept of 0/1 decisions, the basis of all computer operation. The disruptive brilliance of this product makes differentiation simple because it is the first of its kind, there are no alternatives or therefore no competitors on the market yet – the perfect moment for an EVA to jump in. It seems marketing has been done completely online, especially through the Kickstarter which has raised 10x the initial ask, a sign of intense market interest (and that he doesn’t actually need any more investors).
Paul Boswell has had to turn entrepreneur to get his idea out there and his Venture Pitch is compelling. The actual state of the product today that it has just come onto the market and is selling for $65 under pre-order option (they likely have not had a chance to revise the site from pre to post market). Although he clearly did not need the help, I probably would have changed the name to something more compelling like “Turing Torrent” of “Game of Stones”, but the Turing Tumble name has that educational-game ring to it and that is exactly what it is.

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