YES, I would invest in this venture. Thi…

YES, I would invest in this venture. This pitch clearly identifies the pain point which is prosthetic limbs are too costly and not as user friendly as one the CEO is able to design and create.

The CEO seems very driven and passionate about helping others and creating the best product on the market. The video clearly outlines how superior the product is when comparing it to its competition. The innovation in the product is growing by the day but is unique compared to the competitions prosthetic. The team behind the CEO seems to be very small because the company is based out of his garage and he said he has had a hand in every prosthetic he creates. The CEO is receiving help from engineers at Microsoft and various other companies to help this product which could lead to positive results in the near future.

This is a very niche market which is only beneficial to those who are requiring a prosthetic, however, the technology could be used elsewhere in the robotics field. I believe that this venture will take time to become more profitable, however, I do think it will be successful soon due to the advancements in robotics and computer aided design.

The destination for this product is very clear and focused. It is aimed at creating the best prosthetic on the market that will help those who require them at a much lower cost. I do believe this investment is a risky one because if a large-scale company had the will to target this small market, it would be able to invest more time and man power into this project. The CEO is a person I could see making a real difference in this market and I believe he has the will to do so. The CEO stated they are in need of investments to scale up production. I do believe the success of the company would be more likely if they were able to receive more funding.

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