Yes, I would invest in this venture. Thi…

Yes, I would invest in this venture. This product has a great opportunity space. Parents are looking for products that not only spark creativity and are fun but that also provides kids with opportunity to learn. In this case, learning coding and troubleshooting skills. The Mover Kit gives kids a product that encourages their creative while building the technical skills they will need in the future. It combines the digital and physical in a playful and creative way.

Mover Kit may be the first wearable kids can code but there are many other coding toys for children. The edge or differentiation that this product has is that a child can code, wear and interact with it kinetically.
Daniel and Bethany are founders of ‘Technology Will Save Us’. They seem capable and competent as they have experience bringing other products to market. I am not entirely sold on their enthusiasm but I believe that they are just not entirely comfortable on camera. They have a well-made video with kid’s testimonials. The kid’s testimonials were very sincere and brought a lot of confidence to the viability of this product. After watching the video, my six-year old daughter really wanted to get one and that is strong indication that it is speaking to the right audience.

Their pitch does not talk about exit strategy or market readiness so that was something they would have to address in the venture pitch.

I think that the Mover Kit will be a successful product as it is solving a pain point in a unique way.

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