Yes, I would invest my time to get a Ven…

Yes, I would invest my time to get a Venture Pitch from StudySoup. Actually investing is a little early to determine. Doubling revenue and subscription every quarter is very interesting, it shows interest in the product and potential, to get my money back if such growth continued. Questions that I still have are related to the percentage of revenue paid to study guide curators, how often do study guides need to be updated, are study guides for the same textbook well received by students from a different university than the creator of the study guide. I would also like to do my own research on the market place and question them against what I learn of their competitors.
I did like how there was reference to saving over 100 hours in the cafeteria. To me, it related the money earned to the realities of being a student. This is a service that I could imagine using as a student (of course I’d be likely to share access among friends, hitting into revenue). In my opinion, it warrants deeper consideration.

Great pain point and solution. Differentiation, marketing, competition, the ask, and the return are still unknown. The leader seems competent and seems to understand students. I definitely took the bait from this hook.

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