Yes – If I was CEO the of Spotify, I wou…

Yes – If I was CEO the of Spotify, I would invest in developing this product. Spotify is a small, but immensely successful fish in a pond that has, of late, attracted some great white sharks. With the launch of Apple music, and Google’s purchase of Songza and subsequent foray into music streaming, Spotify will be hard pressed to compete on a dollar for dollar level with their competition. One way to stay competitive is to continue innovating new ways to deliver content to listeners that they can’t get anywhere else.

That being said, I think the long term viability of Spotify might be in danger. What is stopping its larger, deep pocketed competitors from adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach and integrating Spotify’s hard-won successes in new spaces at a fraction of the development and venture costs?

I would have liked to see more in this pitch about how the monetization works. I liked the idea of companies paying to host or create content, but there still seemed to be a per-subscriber cost. Is this for an ad-free version?

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