You have a wonderful narrating voice in…

You have a wonderful narrating voice in the elevator pitch. It captures my attention. The payment plan distribution is a great concept. I believe offering free services to try out the service is a great way to bring in clientele. This is a great idea combining virtual reality with oral based speech recognition and I can see the potential in using this in an educational classroom or as an individual user. I do wonder, the interaction is based with simply the in-game characters. Could there be some possibility of having users interact with other users within the same world? I think that interaction and collaboration in some manner are important pieces when creating a virtual world environment for learning. In addition to just the game proving them with a score or technical reason as to why they have not answered properly, people can assist one another and point out observations. The idea itself, is very clear and well laid out. I particularly like the way the chart has gone through to evaluate different virtual language learning environments. Great job.

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