Review: Your pitch clearly outlines all…


Your pitch clearly outlines all elements to showcase your venture to potential investors. The elevator pitch is quick, clear and concise. The combination of text with graphics and voice track makes it easy to follow. With the amount and size of some of the text, it is most effective in full screen mode.
The choice to begin your venture pitch with the KSeeker team provides a face for the company at the outset. Through statistics and graphs, the gap in the success rates of online learners is identified. You have explained how the adaptive learning techniques of KSeeker can offer a solution and provide a unique feature unavailable in similar products. The choice to add specific names and details of competitors lends credibility to your claims. For those unfamiliar with data analytics, the examples provide a real context to illustrate the capabilities of this feature. The examples also serve to showcase how mastery of content can be improved through the use of this platform. The integration of diagrams, graphs, photos and tables enhance the presentation and value of this venture, in particular the table outlining the projected revenue of this venture. It clearly compares existing pricing formats with those of KSeeker and the benefits of the latter.
Although you have identified “the ask”, it lacks detailed information. What specifically would you like from investors and what is the potential return for those who choose to support you? Overall this is a great pitch and I would be willing to invest.