Yuandi Du, nice work on the pitch. I lik…

Yuandi Du, nice work on the pitch.

I like the conversational concept for the elevator pitch.  I haven’t seen that used yet. And that Kimmel bit was a great touch. Throughout ETEC 522 I have been thinking about Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. The boys could definitely use Bizschool.

The site is well organized and I find the high-contrast color scheme gives it a very professional air. Your “Biz Market” is excellent. Your pitch, in general, seems well researched but this section in particular convinces an investor that you have done your homework. The fact that you analysed the competition so transparently gives me confidence that you understand the market and are differentiated sufficiently.

I would appreciate a more detailed “Plan and Asking” section. As an investor, this is perhaps the most important section. I understand the difficulty from my own experience with this assignment, but perhaps just adding a few more projections that include the customer base and unit cost. I share Briar’s questions about how this venture is supposed to make money.


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