Zain, let me start by saying your elevat…

Zain, let me start by saying your elevator pitch was very entertaining. To be honest this was a problem I had no clue existed and I can see how it would benefit everyone involved. It seems to be a great business opportunity. You make clear the pain point right away and you offer what seems to be a simple solution. It makes sense to take the training of these contracted workers away from the hospital and put it back on the those who will do the work. This application of LMS learning seems very appropriate as a solution to the challenges you identified. It took me a little while into your Venture pitch to figure out who your competition was (the big name LMS companies). Maybe on the slide where you identify how you are different form your competitors you could identify who they are and why you are in competition with them. It makes perfect sense to have a company doing what you are trying with a Canadian spin (as you mentioned there are examples of this in the states) because our laws and standards would be very different.
You do a great job identifying right away in your Venture Pitch why you are the guy for the job. This leads to investor confidence. I think going to Bill Gates in your elevator pitch is a good idea because he has the capacity to invent lots of money and he is a guy who cares about education and making the world better (which I get from your pitch your company does too). On the money side you make clear why you need what you ask for, but I am a little hesitant about 40% return in just one year, seems a little too optimistic.

Would I invest? I think so, not the full amount, at least not right away. But after getting a few contracts with some hospitals it would be easier for me to commit the money. Great idea with great potential.

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